Sunday, January 20, 2013

Welcome Home Party

Members of special events and activities were dressed in gala costume to greet us for the Welcome Home party.  I loved the colorful peace pendants.  

It was a great band to entertain us and they had us tappin our toes to the tunes of yesteryear.
It was so interesting to walk around to all the booths and learn more about what their club or organization had to offer.
GUEST SERVICES at the front desk.
Bev Dahlquist and Jane Smith are certainly representative of the beautiful work done in the pottery room.
Diane Reese is a truly avid fan of the water volleyball leagues.

Be sure to show up for the rubber ducky race on Friday, January 25!  I've had several people write to me and ask me to buy them a duck for the big race.  Hope one of us wins!  Should be fun to watch.
We had a GREAT turn out for the party and it was certainly PERFECT weather.
Our recycling team had some nice information for their ongoing project.  We all received an informative pamphlet in our mailbox so read it carefully and contribute WISELY to Palm Creek's efforts to be earth friendly.
More " boys and their toys" as the Remote Control cars, boats, and planes were on display.
I still wish the sewing groups would start a blog to show off all the beautiful works of art they create.  They also do some fantastic work for charities and organizations in the community.
After touring all the booths on display and learning about all the activities offered at Palm Creek.....if you find yourself bored while staying's your own fault.  Those of us who return year after sure to introduce yourself to any newcomers you come across.  Welcome them to our paradise and encourage them to participate.  
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  1. What a GREAT Blog for the Welcome Back party. It truly was a great party with super weather. This blog does an outstanding job of showing off to the world, at least those that find the blog, what a wonderful active community (family) we have here.


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