Wednesday, January 30, 2013

UP UP and AWAY!!!

What a FUNtastic adventure!!  Thank you to John Ross of FUNtastic Ballooning for a wonderful ride in his hot air balloon!  OH MY GOSH!!!  It was awesome!!!

We met at the ballfield at sunup this morning.
John and crew soon had the craft assembled and ready for flight.

That's Don down there taking a video for me.
and Avis took a picture as we passed over head.
Pickleball Courts
Softball Field
Golf course
Lawn Bowling
The RC car field and the RC airfield
Main complex and the pool
Tennis courts, shuffleboard, horseshoes, and the woodshop
Mowers at work on the green
What a BEAUTIFUL sight!!
Winds were very light and variable so we just seemed to hang up there in the sky to enjoy the view.  A very very gentle breeze finally took us over near Casa Grande mountain where we landed out in an open field.
The crew met us with the truck to pack up.
This was a wonderful adventure!  I highly recommend it to everyone!!  Be sure to come up to Palm Park this Friday night to see 6 or 7 of these big balloons.  Rides will be available on the weekend.....although I just heard they are all sold out.  Saturday launching will take place from the ballfield and the 18th fairway.  

We are so fortunate to have John staying here in our resort so you can schedule a ride with him some time.  920-858-3168
Check at the Activities Office for more information.

I took a LOT of photos and posted them up on my Picasa Web Album.    See my launch video at:  Balloon Ride with John Ross

View 143 photos at:  Aerial Photos

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