Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Quiet Weekend

Hello to all our loyal readers.  No big news or fancy pictures today but thought I'd post anyway just because I like to chat.  We hit our first day of 100 degrees yesterday and will probably do so again today.  This is NOT normal for April but if we have to suffer through inclement weather, I opt to take the heat rather than a tornado or snow storm.  It will cool back down to our perfect 80s early next week.  At least it still cools to the 60s at night making for wonderful sleep and open windows.  The AC units busily buzz during the afternoons but all get quiet again when the sun goes down at days end.

We drove around the park yesterday and commented on the empty lots and closed up houses.......and smiled at the number of folks out packing their cars.  I'm guessing that after May 1, we'll be among a select few that are still here. 

Here is a note of interest to those folks who complain about our dove population.  Just be thankful for the doves because at least we're not plagued by pigeons like they are over at Mission Royale.  Read this news article:
Pigeons at Mission Royale

Speaking of birds -- I received a nice email from Darrell Wright (Site 649). Darrell is back in Iowa now but sent this picture of a baby Great Horned Owl found in his neighbor's tree.  The babies (3) fell out the nest so they tied up a basket and placed the babies there for safe keeping.  Mom and Dad owl were grateful and are now tending to their wayward children.  A happy ending.
One more tidbit for the day:  Irene Clise (site 1851) has a short little cactus in her backyard but the little guy certainly seems to be happy there as he proudly sprouted a plethora of huge blooms.
Have a great day and thanks for stopping by for a chat.
P.S.  Thanks for writing in the guestbook and for your emails.  You like reading the blog but I also like hearing from you readers.  Your feedback keeps me motivated to write more often.

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