Thursday, April 19, 2012

Down comes the softball field

The back hoes have been busy!  They're scraping up all the gravel around the softball field and saving it for future construction and parking areas.  Then they have to dig up around all the fence posts to get them out of the ground.


Fernando and crew are busy!

It looks like Tonka Toys for all the boys.

This saguaro resides at 1088 and is getting ready to explode with blossoms.  I'll be watching it closely and will share photos when it pops.

Our streets have acquired some spray paint.  I'm assuming these are all areas that are being prepped for repair.  They're all over the park.

April has been a beautiful month so far....absolutely perfect weather....but we're supposed to creep up into the upper 90s this weekend so I'll alert you when my thermometer hits the triple digits for the first time.
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