Sunday, June 13, 2010

Just Chatter

Greetings to all blog readers:  I don’t have any big news or announcements but it’s time to post “something” or folks start to complain that I don’t write often enough so I’ll tap dance with tidbits from around the park. chickdncOn the afternoon of June 9 we had a park pizza party with delicious pizzas from Papa Murphy’s.  I was one of the volunteers helping with preparation so got to observe the kitchen in action again.  We were able to bake 7-8 pizzas at a time plus we chopped up all the lettuce for great Caesars salad.  We had 50 people in attendance and everyone seemed to have a good time chatting with friends and meeting newcomers.

In order to estimate the amount of food needed for these events, pre-purchased tickets are required and there is a cut off date with no sales after that deadline nor any sales at the door.  If you didn’t plan ahead, you miss out on the event.  Some folks complain about that but it works like a charm as there were very little leftovers from the last several events.  It’s a great way to keep the food budget in line.  I’m sorry, but I don’t have a lot of sympathy for those folks who complain about having to plan ahead.

Our weather this spring is phenomenal.  Yes, we have some triple digit days where we just hide away in the afternoons (I personally love the siesta tradition) but our evenings and early mornings are wonderful.  It is bright daylight at 5:30 so Don and I are out on the patio for coffee to greet all the folks who are out riding bikes, walking their dogs, or just out for morning fresh air and exercise.  There are quite a few puppy dogs who know we have treats waiting for them when they visit so we’ve become a regular stop on their morning tour.Groups (16) On these quiet mornings, it is quite common to see balloonists and parachutists floating over the palm trees.housewatch 003 housewatch 006 To add to our daily activities, Priscilla and Suzette sponsored a Movie Day for us.  Friday afternoon, we gathered in the San Tan room and watched “It’s Complicated” with Meryl Streep.  I think its more fun to watch these movies here than it is at the theatre because we’re with such a good group of friends and we can laugh out loud without fear of disturbing others.  It was fun and I really enjoyed the movie.  Thanks Priscilla and Suzette for setting it up for us.  MovieDay I see quite a bit of park model construction around the resort so folks are still building sheds and room additions.  I chatted briefly with the gent from Mobile Upgrades the other day and he said he has 8 jobs lined up here at Palm Creek.  John Sturgeon has projects scheduled also.  Here’s a plug for Mobile Upgrades.  He has a nice friendly crew of hard working guys and is quite proud of their work.  1897 (1)Don and I stopped to chat with Eddie from the maintenance group this week and I noticed the cute decoration on his golf cart!  Very clever.Eddie (2)  If you get an opportunity to talk with Eddie, you’ll realize immediately that he’s from New York with that heavy “New Yawk” accent.  He, like the rest of us, moved his family out of the snow and ice and enjoys the Arizona sunshine.  Here’s a thank you and a salute to our maintenance crew for keeping our resort so beautiful.white smiley faceEddie (1)

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