Thursday, June 17, 2010

Continued cool temps in early morn

Yup, triple digits are finally here in the afternoons so we hide inside for siesta and household chores but we’re still fortunate to cool down in the evening and our mornings are perfect!
We have summer reciprocity with Robson Ranch and Mission Royale for pickleball so the seasoned players have enough people to keep up some good games.  It seems to be working well as the courts are active in the early morn and cool temperatures.   See any familiar faces?
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blog 003 blog 004 While out doing house checks this morning, I came across Avis and Harriet on the golf course.  It looked like a good photo opportunity.  Smile!  You’re on camera!  Send these pics to those poor folks up in the northern states where they’ve had nothing but rain, overcast sky, and high humidity for the past two months.  Just to rub it in a little more, remember that our golf is FREE in summer months!
blog 008 blog 011 Afternoons are HOT so we all seek shade to avoid the sun’s burning rays.  This poor killdeer, however, chose a hot hot hot place to build her nest out in the gravel and hot rocks.  Nature caring residents took pity on her so provided a lean to shelter for her.  I think she really appreciates their handy work as she has not abandoned her nest and seems to be resting comfortably on her four eggs.  I ride by each morning waiting for the cute little chicks to be running around.
housewatch 006 I came across more wildlife this morning as I discovered this stray cat and her three kittens comfortably resting atop an air conditioning unit.  I felt bad when I got too close and they all scattered into the bushes.  I didn’t mean to disturb a comfy nap.  There are mixed emotions about the stray cats in the park.  Yes, they howl and fight at night….sometimes outside our bedroom window….but on the other hand, I’m sure they help keep the rabbit and dove population in check.  Just the same, I hope no one decides to feed the wild cats or they’ll stop hunting and just multiply. 
blog 013
That’s all the time I have today folks.  Must hurry up to the club house for an afternoon of cards with “the girls”.  Enjoy your day.
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