Saturday, September 12, 2009

UFL Training starts Monday

Big headlines in the Dispatch today read: "UFL Training Starts Monday at new Casa Grande Facility".
Earlier this year, the land north and east of Francisco Grande Hotel & Golf Resort was barren desert. Beginning this weekend, a 50-acre site there will host the Las Vegas Locomotives and CaliforniaRedwoods pro football teams as they begin training for the inaugural United Football League season.
In a span of a little more than four months, the area has undergone a remarkable metamorphosis. Six full-sized sports fields are waiting for the 127 players. Additionally, a 58,000 square foot building is nearly complete which will house locker rooms, a training center, rehab and sports medicine facilities, classrooms, storage and equipment space, and offices.

Most of the players, league officials, media, etc will be staying either at Francisco Grande or the Holiday Inn. Our son, Anton, is a bartender at the Holiday Inn and he's definitely looking forward to all the activity the sports complex will bring their way.

More BIG news: The weather forecast for the next four days calls for highs only in the 90s!!!! Hooray!!!! This I can handle!! Cooling down at night into the 70s. Awesome.

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A while back, I asked you readers for some advice on steam cleaning our new laminate flooring. Thank you for all the great feedack. Most everyone replied how much they liked their steam cleaner and how well it worked although some still had to dry the floor with a terry towel to keep it from streaking.

Don saw the Shark on sale at Target last weekend so rushed out and bought one for me to the tune of $129.35 including tax. We took it out of the box and tested it in a small section of the bathroom just to see how it works. It appeared to work just fine and is quite an impressive little machine. I was just leary about using it though based on what I read at the website of our flooring manufacturer so luckily opted to wait until I heard back from the company. The website didn't mention anything about steam cleaning but did say that the flooring should not get wet and should only use a slightly damp mop. I wrote them an email and asked about the steam cleaning. WOW!! Here is the reply I received from Quick Step customer service: "The steamer will ruin your floors and void your warranty. That amount of water on the floor is bad and will warp the boards. The steam will open up the joints and allow water to penetrate the HDF (high density fiberboard) and causing the boards to swell. This would be maintenance related damage and not covered under the warranty. " there anyone out there interested in buying a brand new Shark steamer???? We, unfortunately, already threw away the box so can't return the product. Another one of life's hard earned lessons.

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  1. Anonymous9:10 PM

    Hi Sue,
    We also have laminate flooring and I use a Swiffer Vac (I love) to clean it and then I wash it using a micro-fiber mop I bought at the Mesa Market. I also bought a Wilson (I think) spray floor cleaner that works well. Our floor is darker in color and it's very hard to clean it without leaving streaks. Sorry to hear about the steam cleaner, I was thinking it would be good.

    Sharron #1121


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