Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Diamondbacks Game

The beautiful Mexican sage bushes are in full bloom. Aren't they gorgeous?? There are many of them along both sides of McMurray Blvd and I get to enjoy them every day on my way to work. This little beauty resides on the street right behind my house by Norm and Sue Jones. Awesome.

My boss (Vicki at Print & Pack Express) has fantastic season tickets for the Diamondbacks games. She had a schedule conflict for last weekend so gave me the tickets for Sunday's game. I haven't been to a pro baseball game in many years so it was a treat for me and a fantastic opportunity for my son Kevin. Kevin is an avid fan of most any sport....knows the players, their stats, etc. so he was my choice as a guest for the event. Don was left home to watch it on TV.
Along with the season tickets comes special valet parking which is really icing on the cake! A driver whisked away our car and we walked about 30 feet to the special press entrance. We already felt like VIPs.
Once inside, we found our section and started down the stairs to the field where we were greeted by an usher who took us to our the third row right behind home plate!! We then met our hostess who explained about the private lounge to which we had access and said she would take our order for lunch and bring it to our seats. We had but to ask (and tip of course).
The stadium is really nice. I think any seat in the house would be a good seat to watch the game. We arrived early so we had plenty of time for a good tour. By game time, there were 22,000 people in the seats.
The Diamondbacks lost to the Brewers (5-3) but we had a good time anyway. Thank you, Vicki and Jack, for a great day and very memorable event!
Palm Creek sponsors several Diamondback bus trips during season. I'm thinking I'll go back again for more peanuts and crackerjacks at the old ball game. I now have a Dbacks hat...can't just let it gather dust in a closet.

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