Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekend News

Good Morning, Readers:

After seeing the movie "Julie/Julia", I feel like Julie and share her curiosity at being a blog author wondering who all the people are that are reading this each day. We had 223 hits again last week. Who are all these people?? Every now and then someone will send an email my way to say hello ... which makes my day. Thanks! (Ken & Pat Hanson) I hope you'll all stop by to say howdy when you return.

By the way, if you haven't seen that movie yet "Julie/Julia", you must do so. Meryl Streep deserves a true academy award for her role. Wow. I dragged Don along with me and he said he really enjoyed it too because the acting was phenomenal. I can't say the same for the recent Harry Potter movie, however. Went to see it this weekend but there's no way they can make a movie as good as the books. I'm a true fan of JR Rowling. Her writing takes you away to "never never land".

Connie Morin, Billie, and I went to the American Legion Friday night for bingo. I won two games in a row! Awesome. There's obviously a hidden child in me somewhere who loves bingo and Harry Potter movies. The Legion has good bingo and they're some pretty serious players. I see the same people there every time I go.

Saturday Connie and I went over to the new high school to tour the school/city library. It is certainly a beautiful campus and I hope the kids appreciate what they have there. The library didn't have many books on the shelves as of yet but there were quite a few people doing the same as we were--just visiting out of curiosity. They have a nice big computer classroom with 30 on-line computers where they can hold classes or the public can come in for web access. All you need is a library card and you can use a computer for an hour. Alongside the classroom is another lab room with an additional 10 computers where people can access at all times the library is open. Students are not allowed in the computer rooms during daytime city library hours. I'm still upset with myself that I didn't take my camera with me. Sorry photos to post.

I think we were all wondering what affect the school would have on traffic in our Palm Creek area. To date, there is no effect at all. Maybe the fact that the school is only open for freshmen and sophomores has something to do with it because very few of them would have a drivers license yet. Cottonwood Lane is being completed as four lane which will help traffic patterns in the future.

How many of you have laminate flooring in your home?? We just tore out all the carpeting and laid new flooring..not wood...just a laminate flooring. I'm still experimenting and reading to find the best method of cleaning. Any suggestions?? I dust daily with a microfiber dry mop but haven't figured out the best way to "wash" the floor. The internet says laminate doesn't like water but we should instead use a light spray of vinegar and water. I'm finding that if I don't dry the floor, it tends to streak. Feedback from those with more experience would be appreciated. I gave my big beautiful Dyson vacuum cleaner to my sons for their apartment since I no longer need it and bought a tiny Hoover cordless Linx stick vac. It is the cutest darn thing, works like a charm, and easily fits in my closet. Does anyone use that new Shark steam cleaner?? Would love to hear your comments about it. Please email me at

Thanks...and have a great day.


  1. Anonymous10:39 AM

    thanks for all the information. enjoy the blog,fun finding out whats going on in the summer.We are new owners, comming in oct.sometime.Keep up the good work.Thanks

  2. I am one of the "lurkers" that really appreciates your blog. I must admit that it does make me a little homesick for Palm Creek. Then I notice the temperature and realize I can wait until November. Thanks for taking the time to keep us up-to-date. We have had wood floors for years and have found that you need to follow any cleaning with a bath towel to keep it from streaking. We have used steam but still needed to follow with a towel.
    Rollie & Carroll Stadlman


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