Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Tree Trim Time

I hopped in my golf cart and was headed to the pool for morning water aerobics when I saw tree trimmers in action so had to run back in for my camera.

The trimmed trees look scrawny as if they've had a bad haircut but new branches grow back quickly and look their absolute best when you return in the fall. Trimming all the trees in this park is no small project as you can imagine. After trimming, a crew has to follow behind and pick up all the branches and debris. Last year our handy dandy park garbage truck hauled over 100 TONS of palm branches to the local land fill.

Here is a good before and after view as you look down our street.
We haven't had a single day below triple digits in a long time. The weather man said we're only a few days away from having the hottest summer on record. Sure am glad my job is indoors with cool air conditioning as I don't think I'd last long out there picking up all those palm branches and loading them in a truck. Whew!!

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