Saturday, July 25, 2009

Over 300 Hits!

Greetings to all our avid readers! The counter on this blog says we had 331 readers this past week!! I'm guessing the dust storm photos drew an audience. WOW!

Weather has been mild this past week. We had one day of a very brief rain. The sky gets cloudy but then passes over us and the surrounding areas tend to get the much needed rain that we're hoping for. Temperatures are mild now....between 100 and 110. Yes, that's "mild" to us. We don't typically complain till it spikes over 110. Nights are in the 80s.

Don and I are having some major work done in our little house here so have been very very busy. It's a long and I think interesting story so I'll be posting a special blog with lots of photos soon.

Community news: Eva's Restaurant is hosting a cool bingo night Monday so several of us will be attending. Sounds like it will be fun.

Remember the new construction in front of Wal-Mart? That dentist office is now open and advertising in the paper. They claim to have the latest and greatest equipment, etc. just like the new office out at the Promenade Mall. We certainly have plenty of dentist offices in town. I'm surprised they can all stay in business since so many of us go to Mexico for treatment!

The new high school at Cottonwood and Arizola will be holding registration this coming week so we'll get our first taste of what the traffic will be. School starts in early August. Will keep you posted.

That's all my news for today. Stay cool.

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