Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More Heat

Greetings from very sunny Arizona,

Whoops.....I missed the ice cream social Sunday afternoon so have no photos to post (again). I had been diligently cleaning house, doing laundry, etc. and then took a "little" nap in my chair. You can probably guess the rest of that story.

I had a fun adventure this past week. I took Thursday as a day off work and drove over to the Ak-Chin casino all by myself for a fun day of bingo. Don't laugh! I like bingo. I was surprised to see a huge brand new Wal-Mart store on the edge of Maricopa by all the new housing developments. There is still a LOT of construction along that stretch of road as they widen the highway and finish off the railroad tracks. I must say that I am extremely grateful for the stop light that has been installed at the intersection where we turn left to go to the casino.

The "Bingotainment center" is closed now and bingo is held inside the hotel in one of the huge ballroom areas. I had three cards for a double action game and was excited when I got a bingo. Unfortunately, four other people also yelled at the same time which meant we split the $300 pot. As they were verifying numbers, I noticed that I also had a bingo on a second card so called the gal back. Sure enough....I was a double winner so instead of just getting $60, I got $120. Anytime you can leave the casino with more money than you went in with....it's a good day so I went home a winner. It made for a fun day.
Other than that......the only news is that our HOT weather continues. I'm posting a blurb from the front page of this morning's paper. Our son, Kevin, is still driving truck all over our beautiful country. He called this morning from Tennessee as he heads down to Louisiana. He said he just had to call and brag about the beautiful scenery he was experiencing of the GREEN rolling hills and wildflowers along the route. He had his window down and was enjoying the fresh 60 degree temperature.....and working on his "trucker tan". A "trucker tan" is a standard joke because they all have a tan left arm from driving with the window down.

That's my blurb for today. Must hurry off to my morning water aerobics class. Ta Ta for now.

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