Wednesday, June 27, 2018

New AED Information

AED = Automated External Defibrillator

From Gary Lambert, Palm Creek Operations Manager

Based on feedback from Club groups and individual Residents along with our own safety assessments, we have made the following changes to our AED locations around the Resort

1.       The AED at the back of the Tennis Courts has been moved from the shed at the back of the court area up to the Snak Shak at the front of the Tennis area. It is located between the 911 call box and the first aid kit. This will make it much more accessible to anyone who may need it.
2.       There is a new AED located on the front porch of the Ocotillo classroom, right across from Sewing. This will serve the increase in classroom activity at the north end of the Street of Dreams. We will also be adding a 911 call box right next to it. It has been ordered, and should be installed in the next week or so.
3.       There is another new AED located on the wall to the left of the Landscaping gate, right next to the Woodshop. This will serve the woodshop, landscaping area, car and pet wash area, as well as the various sports activities nearby.
4.       All other AED locations remain the same.

Please note: At present, there are no emergency oxygen bottles in the two new kits. They also have been ordered and will be put in the boxes as soon as we receive them.

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