Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Our Lives Change with the Season

What a difference a few weeks makes at this time of year.  The park is emptying out as folks head home  to northern climates.  I'e heard from quite a few friends saying that they arrived home to over a foot of snow.  One couple can't even get in their driveway so must spend the night at a hotel until they can get the driveway plowed.  Yuck.

We here are enjoying our usual beautiful 80-90 degree temps although we had a few windy days over the weekend.  Today has been truly perfect though so Don pulled out the drone and took it for a ride.  We're amazed to see how many trees and shrubs are being planted in the north 40 expansion area.

(Here is the YouTube link for those who have trouble viewing through this blog:

APS (electric power service) is spending a great deal of time in the resort as they install street lights.  We chatted with them and laughed when they said the job was much easier now that all the traffic has dissipated.

I peeked in the windows of the new shower building.  Looks like several nice bathroom/shower rooms plus a small laundromat area.  I didn't go inside though but will wait till it's safe to enter the construction area.

It seems like miles of trenches have been dug along the streets and walkways so irrigation lines can be installed.

This corner has us a bit puzzled though as we don't know why they planted so many palm trees so close together on this corner.  I'll have to investigate to get the answer.

If you can zoom in on this map, the red dots show the 12 lots that have already been sold in this new area.  Two spec homes were installed and both have already sold.  Nancy Paupst showed how the BIG lots are being swept up.  It's been a busy busy time in the sales office.


Meanwhile, at the Hepler estate, our two kittens are now cats and still keep us mighty entertained.
Kat just can't pass up a warm computer key board.

Their rough house playing can make a mess in a hurry when they over turn their food dish.

But when they cuddle up for a nice quiet nap, they look innocent and loving.

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