Saturday, January 14, 2017

Healthy Foods

Our local volunteer group called "Loving Hearts, Loving Hands" held a fund raiser for the Casa Grande Cancer Support Center.  We were served a variety of nutritious foods and then were asked for our comments.  

Believe it or not, my favorite was the Ziti tofu.  I doubted I would have liked any of the food as the word "tofu" does not bring joy to my palette, but this dish was quite good.

Same goes for the turkey meatballs.  To me, turkey doesn't below in a "meatball" but these were quite tasty.

We also tried different chilis and salads.  
Of course, my favorite of all were the delicious cookies for dessert.

The nutrition expert was there to answer questions and was interested in getting feedback for her recipes.

Diane Gaines was our hostess.

We even had a belly dance demonstration.  Myaesha (Bernadette Rezak) gives lessons at the Cancer Support Center.

Take time to read through the Facebook page for the Support Center to see all the events and services they have to offer.

Speaking of nutritious foods.........the "Orange Man" as I call him is here on Tuesdays and Fridays in the front parking area by the mailboxes.  His oranges are delicious and only cost $6 per bag.

He also brings other fresh vegetables when they're available.