Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sewing Club

WOW! I am totally overwhelmed at all the activity here in the park these days. Those who have followed this blog remember that this is the first season (in the five years that we've lived here) when I haven't been employed outside the park. Now that I'm here full-time to witness all the activities, I love this place even more! I'm stumped, however, as there is so much going on that I have no idea how to begin writing about it all.

My newest adventure was visiting the Sewing Club meeting this morning. I was there only as an observer as I don't sew and am not a "crafty" person but it was interesting to see such a large crowd at their weekly meeting. I was truly amazed at all the activities that occur through their organization. There are several different quilting classes, project classes, embroidery groups, etc etc etc. They publish their own calendar that is chock full of different events for their members including some field trips they take to sewing conferences and classes. Saturday is their annual quilt show when many of their works of art will be on display. I hope all of you readers plan to attend as it will be awesome to see their handiwork. After attending the meeting, I was also impressed with how many committees and volunteers it takes to assemble the quilt show. Bring they're going to have some of their creations for sale and auction.

Wendell Johnson, the Park Manager, came into the meeting with a special announcement that brought great joy to all the sewing members. With such a huge and growing headcount, the present sewing room has become way over crowded. Wendell announced that after long negotiations with city permits, he has finally gotten permission from the city to construct a modular building where the old white tent used to reside. The new area will house about 2500 square feet of room for the sewers and all their equipment.

At the end of the meeting, there was a short "show and tell" where participants got to show off some of their finished projects. I took a couple pictures but will definitely have more closeups after Saturday's show. See you there!

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