Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Devastating Dust Cloud

I believe Casa Grande made national news yesterday when gusty winds stirred up our Arizona dust into devastating "brown outs" that made driving a disaster. Don and I were on our way to the mall when the huge dust cloud blew through dramatically reducing visibility. We commented that we were glad not to be out on 10 at the time as it would be dangerous. The crash must have occurred at that exact time. As we were crossing the overpass, we could hear multiple sirens and saw police cars headed down the ramp toward Highway 10 but couldn't see any farther because of the dust. About an hour later, we left the mall to head back home. Traffic was backed up solid in all directions. When we got to the overpass, we could see that everything on 10 was backed up for miles in both directions. West to Phoenix wasn't moving at all and east bound was crawling slowly with many trying to get off at the 194 exit ramp. We still didn't know exactly what had occurred till we got home and turned on the news.

Oh my gosh...I just found these videos of the fire on youtube. click on the links below:


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