Monday, October 15, 2007

Welcome Back!

It’s mid October and folks are returning at a steady pace. How fun to see familiar faces and hear about summer war stories. My favorite to relate is that we had a record breaking 31 days of over 110 degrees this summer. Whew! That’s HOT. The weather now is awesome. We’ve actually been able to shut off the air conditioner and open the windows. Evening temps are perfect 60s making for some great sleep.

The park is getting ready to plant the beautiful flowers again! Truckloads of flowers arrived this week and are waiting to dig their roots into our many flower beds throughout the park. When you look at these pictures, it seems over whelming to be able to plant that many flowers. The landscape crews have been busy tilling up the flower beds in preparation for planting. Love those flowers!

Other news: … the big white tent is gone. There’s a nice big open space there now that will be the site of a new fitness room, computer lab, and mail office. At least that’s the most recent word I’ve heard. Don’t know when construction will start….I’d guess they’ll wait till after the snowbird season.

The season kicks off on October 26 with a Fall Harvest. I guess this is the equivalent of the Welcome Back party we used to have. The “theme” this year is about a Mediterranean cruise so the Fall Harvest is where we’ll have the taste of Italy with wine tasting tables and “hot and delicious Italian specialties”. Don’t forget to pick up your event tickets at the activities office when you arrive. I was pleased to see how organized they were with all those tickets and seating arrangements. Someone put a lot of work and thought into that massive project. Hope it works out well for everyone.

The Senior Olympics are in full swing up in St. George, Utah so our avid pickleballers and softball teams are up north representing us in style. I hear they’ll be bringing home some gold medals!

The Casa Grande Dispatch had a picture of the ground breaking ceremony for the new high school that will be located at Arizola and Cottonwood. Estimated completion is two years from now. Must be a BIG school.

Our new Promenade Mall is coming along nicely. The Target store is open and is a strong favorite. Their flowers from their garden shop are sooooo nice and LOW prices. Those stores open so far are Target, Penneys, Kohls, and Staples. The area is huge and will be amazing when its all finished. We’re sooooo excited at having that kind of shopping available so close to home.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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