Monday, August 06, 2007

Summer marches onward.

Summer marches on. We’re in the midst of the monsoon season so our crystal blue skis have turned cloudy with sometimes huge billowy white clouds and sometimes huge dark thunder clouds. At any rate, they make for some fantastic sunsets. We’ve had several short rain storms in the last week or two which were quite refreshing although they tend to leave quite a bit of humidity in the air. We’re not used to that weird horrid word called “humidity” so we complain about it quite a bit while it lasts. We have not been victims of the rapid flash floods you may have seen on TV but Tucson and areas of Phoenix have had their share. The idiots who insist on driving through a flooded wash road continue to appear on evening news films. At least now they are required to pay at least a portion of the fees for the rescue teams.

The new Promenade mall continues at a rapid pace. Check out the website at for all the latest news and some nice photos.

The landscape crews are hard at work trimming all the palm trees in our park. The bucket truck drives around while a worker saws off the dead branches with a chain saw. Then another crew comes with the dump truck to pick up all the debris. It’s quite an efficient operation and this year (after the hard winter freeze) there is a lot of trimming to be done.

I had a chance to chat with Diane Gaines the other day and she is really excited about all the fun ideas she has for the upcoming Palm Creek golfers this season. Diane is now in charge of the pro shop and has great events planned. I don’t dare spoil her fun by sharing her ideas but her enthusiasm is contagious.

My little part time job at the print shop has turned into 9-10 hour days this summer. That’s a good thing though as I really enjoy it there and it’s a great way to stay cool and busy for the hot summer days.

Char and Terry stopped over last week so little Mollie could show off her new cuddly toy. Mollie is a trooper and loves to go through her repertoire of tricks when treats are offered. Isn’t she a cutie??

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