Saturday, July 21, 2007

A Tribute to Rally

It’s a sad day as we pay tribute to Rally…the wonder dog…as he passed away this week due to illness. George and Jan Waters will miss Rally as their loyal and beloved pet but they are surrounded with a plethora of friends who will miss him also. Rally was one of the prettiest, smartest, lovable dogs around Palm Creek. He was so well behaved and would respond immediately when called by a familiar voice. He followed at the heels of George and Jan wherever they went and attended many a happy hour with his proud owners.

I’ll always remember how Rally would immediately hop in our golf cart and go for a ride to our house so he could relish a treat of ever ready chicken for our furry friends. He was a joy to have around and was one of the prettiest Australian Shepherd dogs we’ve ever seen. Our hearts reach out to Jan and George at their loss.

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