Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Awesome Storm

We had an AWESOME storm Monday night!! I am continually amazed at how fast storms can appear here in Arizona. It was quite cloudy and overcast last night but nothing serious. Then out of nowhere comes this gushing wind and DUST! This was by far the most ominous dust storm we’ve seen this past year. The wind switched dramatically from east to west and blew thick yellow clouds of dust into giant dust devils. WOW! It was phenomenal to watch. Just can’t capture it on film though. Then came the rain. What a blessing to this area as we sure haven’t had much this year. Too bad it all has to fall at once though. This morning the streets are dry with just an occasional puddle here and there. The park is really constructed well for water runoff. The little rivers rush down the streets straight to the golf course where it can be pumped away. With the nice big pumps the park utilizes, we’ll be back golfing in no time. See the attached pictures of golf course hole #7 contributed by Verna Shepherd. Hey Verna…thanks for the photos!

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